TV Shows

We produce dynamic programs for TV channels, creating new formats and scripts for TV shows. Our flagship shows include Chuyen Dong Kinh Doanh (Business On The Move) and Chuyển động 4.0, (4.0 On The Move), which is broadcast on HTV9.

Chuyen Dong Kinh Doanh
(Business on the move)

This is a TV magazine show that focuses on business and entrepreneurial topics. We share the inspiring stories of leading entrepreneurs who’ve used their talent and dedication to achieve incredible success. The program also features stories on best business practises, management problems and potential business ideas. The final segment of the show is a book review where we introduce and discuss important business and management books.

 Những lưu ý về mô hình Franchise

Ứng dụng gọi xe và cuộc chiến của GoViet tại Việt Nam

Chuyển động Kinh doanh_Số 96


“Vì Thành Phố Đáng Sống” is a culture-centered TV show that capture the movements of Saigon in various aspects of life, discovering the many faces of this modern yet historic city.

Chuyen Dong 4.0 (4.0 On the move)

Chuyen dong 4.0 helps bring the technology world closer to everyone. Technology is moving so fast, and what we aim is with tech insiders together we share knowledge, update new trends, introduce innovation and clarify what's next for us in the future.